Getting Started With Camera Security

New to Camera Security? Let us help you take the guesswork out of purchasing our products.

Camera Packages
Firstly, choose a camera package that suits your needs. Our packages include;

  • Cameras
  • An NVR Recorder

The cameras included in our package systems are multitask cameras suitable for indoor + outdoor use (unless specified indoor use only). They come with a fixed 2.8mm lens which provide a wide angle coverage.

NVR Recorder
The recorders in our packages are set to record motion and can hold approximately 1 month of footage before recording over itself. Our recorders record, preview + playback in high quality image capturing.

* For any further package variations please contact us to assist you.
Cabling will need to be purchased separately according to the individual client needs and job location.

Cabling is not included as we are not able to customise the amount for every customers individual location specifications*

For a DVR recorder you will need to purchase COAX cable.
For a NVR recorder you will need to purchase network cable (CAT 5 + CAT 6).

Front Door Camera
If you are searching for an easy and hassle free camera, we stock our ‘Wireless Camera’ which is run wirelessly to your phone, cordless, motion sensored and doorbell activated, with a two way speaking function.

This camera picks up movement in the location your camera is set. When movement occurs a notification is sent to your phone signalling that motion is detected, automatically starting a recording.
This camera is highly suitable for front doors, garages and back doors for housing.